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Yarn Clubs

In 2021 I will be releasing two Yarn clubs each month from January until September. These are:

Music from the movies Sock club

Mix Tape minis yarn club


Here are the Release Dates for each month going forward:

February - 22nd January 7pm GMT

March - 19th February  7pm GMT

April - 19th March 7pm GMT

May - 23rd April 7pm GMT

June -21st May 7pm GMT

July - 18th June 7pm GMT

August - 23rd July 7pm GMT

September - 20th August 7pm GMT


Here are the Shipping dates for each month going forward:

February - 5th February

March - 5th March

April - 2nd April

May - 7th May

June - 4th June

July - 2nd July

August -  6th August

September - 3rd September